About us

We are a group of experts from diverse fields who have come together to use our combined expertise to create a world where people of all body shapes and sizes are celebrated and can thrive.

Our mission

To create an inclusive and diverse society where everyone has the opportunity to flourish, regardless of their appearance, affiliation, or body size.


  1. To raise awareness of weight bias and promote the principles of body neutrality in Latvian and European society.

  2. To educate people about discrimination based on body weight, shape, and other aesthetic aspects, and to take action to reduce it.

  3. To work towards creating a physical and emotional environment that is accessible and welcoming to people of all body types.

  4. To strengthen the capacity of non-governmental and governmental organizations to include diverse groups and to mitigate discrimination and hate speech.

Our vision

We imagine a world where all bodies can live shameless and joyful lives. In such a world no human is judged by its size or body type, and the most diverse bodies feel valued, included and seen. Everybody can grow up and grow old fulfilling their full potential, without unreasonable limitations by physical or societal space.

Flourish NGO was founded in 2019 under the name of Baroots. Since then we have come a far way and refocused our work direction body diversity work and inclusion.

Who are we

The strength of Flourish NGO lies in the combined knowledge and skills of our board and members. When we come together - everything is possible! We are currently a team of 7 volunteers with diverse expertise, including youth work, communications, art, nutrition, and body training.

Ieva Miltina

Founder / Head of the Board

Aija Bahmane

Board member / Educational outreach

Elina Zusevica

Board member / Communications

Aelita Strelca



Core documents
(available only in Latvian language)