Everyone deserves to flourish!

who are we

Flourish NGO is a successor of Baroots Latvia. We are a group of experts from diverse fields who have come together to use our combined expertise to create a world where people of all body shapes and sizes are celebrated and can thrive.

What we do

Empowerment through visibility

With the belief that representation and visibility are one of the main ways for diverse realities and stories to be heard and normalized, we organize inclusive events and communication activities.

Educational experiences

Non-formal education and the development of new methods are the cornerstone of our work, as we believe that it is necessary to change many outdated assumptions and promote inclusive society.
We learn ourselves and teach others!


Systematic and sustainable work on fostering inclusion is only possible by understanding the challenges in-depth, as well as making legitimate insights available to broader society. Meanwhile, such awareness helps getting our message across and ensure its relatability.

Collaborations & Networking

We believe that together we can so do much more. We bring together like-minded cooperation partners in local and international projects to gradually instigate change in various levels of society - from personal to political.

To foster inclusion and representation of different bodies we implement our vision through local and international projects in four primary directions that reflect our values.

Our work is financed by EU and Latvian grants. Read more about the implemented activities in this section about projects.

Do you want to cooperate in making fruitful ideas happen or invite us to share our expertise?

In our association we gather a number of experts from different fields, our collaboration is based on a common vision and goals. Read more about us jointly and individually - in the section below.

"Imagine a world where we can wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to things that matter - enjoying, learning, experiencing, instead of worrying and living in fear about how we look on daily basis. A possibility being our full and beautiful selves with no shame or hesitation. How liberating would that be? "

Ieva Miltina
Founder and head of the board